Arkansas Phone Number Lookup

Arkansas Area Codes and Their Locations

Many benefits can be derived from having a good knowledge of the area codes assigned to the different counties and cities in Arkansas. The key reason to learn Arkansas area codes is to be able to recognize local calls. This can keep you on guard when receiving calls from phone scammers and robocallers who constantly disguise their real identities and motives. With this knowledge, you can decide whether to pick calls from unfamiliar area codes or not. Unknown callers can also be identified with reverse phone lookup searches.

The table below summarizes the area codes currently available for Arkansas:

479 - Location
501 - Location
870 - Location

Who Controls Arkansas Area Codes?

The Arkansas Public Service Commission (PSC) is vested with the power to decide how and when new area codes are introduced in the state. Non-residents of Arkansas are restricted from using the state’s area codes in their phone numbers.

To ensure a continuing supply of phone numbers, new area codes are occasionally introduced either as area code splits or overlays. The State of Arkansas has only had two area code splits in 1997 and 2002 when codes 870 and 479 were created respectively.

Where is Area Code 479?

Created in 2002, area code 479 was split from area code 501 and serves northwest Arkansas and the thirteen counties in that part of the state. Some of the counties include Benton, Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, and parts of Carroll County. Bentonville, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, and Rogers are some major cities covered by this area code.

Where is Area Code 501?

Area code 501 is one of the first area codes created in the country and it served all of Arkansas. It was the only area code that served the state because of Arkansas’ low population until area code 870 was created in 1995. Area code 501 currently serves central Arkansas including counties like Pulaski, Cleburne, and Faulkner. Little Rock, North Little Rock, Conway, and Sherwood are some main cities covered by this area code.

Where is Area Code 870?

Area code 870 was first activated on April 14, 1997, and it was created from area code 501. Its coverage area includes most of Arkansas except for the central and northwest regions. Some of the counties within this region are Craighead, Jefferson, and Crittenden counties. Multiple cities are served by this area code including Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, and Texarkana.